Student Services

Studen Services Spring Newsletter

The Student Services team at West Allis Central consists of four counselors.  Students are assigned to a counselor alphabetically.  To provide the best service possible, it is recommended that students and parents schedule an appointment. There is no limit to the number of times students may see their counselor, however, it is highly encouraged that regular contact is maintained throughout their time at West Allis Central.  A variety of services are available to students through this department. The information is listed to give parents and students a general idea of the kinds of programs and and services offered.

Special Service Available to WAC Students and Families

We now have access to a web site that provides information about resources available on thousands of topics: basic needs, consumer services, criminal justice, legal, education, environmental, health care, income support, employment, mental health care and counseling, organizational and community services, individual and family life, etc. Through this site we are also able to translate text into Spanish, French or German.  Although these services are available through our Student Services Department, you can obtain the same information at The Community Information Line: 773-0211.

Services Available For All Students

  • Individual counseling focusing on academic, career, and personal issues

  • Availability of student assistance groups emphasizing topics such as grief, family issues, alcohol and other groups as needed

  • Assistance with course selection and planning for future educational options

  • Classroom guidance presentations

  • Information on scholarships, summer educational and pre-college opportunities

  • Communication with teachers and administrators concerning students

  • Large group presentations on study skills, time management, career planning, and being successful in high school

  • The PLAN test is optional for all 10th graders in the fall

  • The WKCE will be administered to all 10th graders in the fall

  • Advanced Placement information and testing

  • Large group presentations on career planning

  • Evening program for parents and students about financial aid

  • Opportunity for students to participate in several college campus visits

  • Provide ACT test site at West Allis Central

  • Opportunity provided for students to meet with college representatives

  • Opportunity for students to meet with military recruiters and take the ASVAB

  • Self-directed search is administered through classrooms

  • PSAT is optional for all 11th graders in the fall

  • Junior parent-conference night

  • Individual junior and senior conferences focused on continued educational planning and other post-secondary options

  • Advanced placement information and testing

  • ACT/SAT code 502-445

Students can make an appointment to see their assigned counselor by completing a Counselor Request Form in the Student Services Office.