These are lists of books that are available in the IMC.  None of these lists have all of the possibilites in the category, but they are lists of suggestions.  Some of these lists are suggested readings for class assignments.  If you are looking for a book for a class assignment, the books on these lists should all be acceptable to your teachers.  Others are lists of books that you may find interesting based on other books that you like.  The most up to date lists can be found on the student share drive on the school computers.  If you have suggestions of books to add to these lists, or are interested in a new list, please contact Ms. Theisen.

-AP World book list  

- Books we read in Book Club

 - Classics

 - If you liked Twilight, you might like this

 - If you liked A Child Called It, you might like this

 - Invisible Children connected books

 - Historical novels

 - Multicultural novels

Mythology based books

 - Native American novels

 -  Science Fiction

 - Classics / Shakespeare connected books