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Four (4) credits of English language arts are required for graduation: ELA 9, ELA 10 and a minimum of four semesters of electives which students may select from grade 11 and 12 courses during their junior and senior years. the combination of electives which should reflect the following ELA standards: Reading/Literature, Writing, Oral Communication, and to the extent possible, all courses should offer exposure to media technology, research and inquiry. Varied course offerings are made to meet a wide range of student needs and interests. Students may take any number of additional courses beyond the minimum requirement. Students and parents should be advised that not all courses meet the English entrance requirements of an institution of higher learning. Students should work closely with their counselors in making appropriate course selections relative to post high school plans. Students and parents should also be advised that electives may vary with each school year depending on the number of requests for particular courses. Some electives are offered in alternate years only.

"Everyman's work, whether it be literature or music or pictures or architecture or anything else, is always a portrait of himself." —Samuel Buter