World Languages

¡Bienvenidos al departamento de lenguas mundiales!
Bienvenue au département des langues mondiales!
Willkommen in den Teil der Weltsprachen!

Nancy Azevedo
Julia Balestrieri
Jeanne Engelkemeir
Reynaldo Ortiz
Justin Salli

The World Language department at West Allis Central is proud to offer French, German and Spanish.  With technology improving on a daily basis and the world becoming more accessible and advanced, the skill of becoming bi-lingual and tri-lingual becomes even more essential.  The global economy is becoming more competitive, thus all of our teachers stress the importance and relevance of culture awareness, diversity, and the skill sets associated with learning second languages.  We are one of the few districts in the nation that offer up to level six in all three of our languages. The upper levels are designed for upper classmen and provide students with a multitude of opportunities to communicate with countries abroad and utilize their knowledge within our own community as they prepare to use the skills taught in our classrooms for their futures.  We also have honor societies within each language and meet together to learn about different cultures, celebrate diversity,and have fun in our world language club. Together, our department is committed to the idea that all students can have success with a second language, and we will continue to strive to ensure that all of our students can be functioning members in a global society.