The IMC is open from 7am to 3pm.  You may come in before school and get on a computer without a pass.  You will still need to sign in for the computer that you are using.  No food or drink is allowed in the IMC at any time.


You may have up to 10 items checked out on your ID.

Book checkouts are for 3 weeks.

Magazine checkouts are for 1 week.

Reference books may only be checked out overnight.  They are due before school starts the next morning.

Fines for overdue items are .05 a day for books and magazines.  Reference items are .35 a day.

Using the IMC during the school day:

You may come to the IMC from class or study hall with a pink pass from your teacher.  If you are coming from study hall, you must get the pass ahead of time and be in the IMC before the bell rings.  Do not go to study hall, we will do your attendance here.  If you are in the IMC from study hall, you will have to stay in the IMC the whole class period, there are no passes from the IMC. 

You may come to the IMC during your lunch.  If you only want to work on homework or read, you do not need a pass.  If you need to use a computer, you still need a pass from a teacher. 

Computer Policy

You need to have a permission slip signed by you and your parent or guardian in order to use the internet.  You are responsible for following the guidelines from that form.  You are not allowed to access social networking sites at anytime from school computers. 

During the school day, there are no games, videos, or music allowed on the computer.  You may access them before school, but you must bring your headphones or earbuds.